A Random Wedding Photograph. And the story behind it.

I am a Scot who now lives in Chester but always love the opportunity to visit the Mother Country. Back in December Jane and Pete gave me a wonderful opportunity to ‘go home’ as they had booked me for their magnificent wedding at Dryburgh Abbey Hotel on the River Tweed. It is a stunning venue and one I did worry about being able to get any photographs of at all.Stunning, Artistic, Creative, Wedding, Photography


The morning of their wedding had dawned bright but bitterly cold with a gale blowing. The car was showing -6c. It did warm up but then the rain came, lashing it down and being Scotland in December it was due to get dark rather early.

Has luck would have it the was a gap in the rain, it was still very cold for a wedding dress but Jane being Jane a bit of a gale and temperatures hovering around zero where not going to put her off getting wedding photographs in the Abbey.

I thought it was really important to show the scale of the now ruined Abbey and also try and capture the grandeur. This image was captured on my trusted Nikon D4 with a 24mm lens to give the depth. Behind the wall and in front of the couple are two flashguns (which are being held by two helpers from the wedding party to save time setting up light stands!) balanced to make Pete and Jane just slightly lighter than the surroundings, while the camera is set to make the surrounding just slightly darker than they are and to bring out the detail in the dramatic post storm sky. Jane and Pete are quite small in the shot to give a sense of scale. But just in case you are wondering I did get a closer photograph also, which I love and have posted below.

Wow wedding Photography, Dramatic, Artistic

And here is the original in a colour Sepia effect.

Amazing, Creative, Artistic, Wedding, Photography,

I think the Sepia looks Gothic and with the sky and the ruin of the Abbey a very dramatic photograph.

I left Scotland satisfied working for such an amazing couple who where prepared to put a lot of effort into their wedding photography.

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