The Hollywood Kiss

A classic of every Hollywood romantic blockbuster is the long lingering kiss. And what a better place to record it than in the true arena of love a wedding.

Cheshire, Wedding, Photography, Hollywood, Kiss, Grosvenor Pulford, Garden

This magical photograph was taken at Michaels and Rebecca’s fantastic Cheshire Wedding at the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and Spa just on the Welsh border. It was an incredibly windy and storm laden day in March and not very warm for early spring, however being such an amazing couple this didn’t stop Rebecca and Michael having a ball and producing some wonderful images with me. The fast moving weather fronts also added a lot of variety, from grey clouds to blue skies and back again. All the fun of a typically British Wedding with the varied weather systems we have grown to love, or not as the case may be!!

The Grosvenor Pulford has not one but two amazing gardenias and this was taken in the older garden. I have nicknamed it the English Garden, it is in England but the little river that makes up the  Welsh border is also the Garden border. You can’t get any closer to Wales for your wedding without being in Wales!

This one image is finished in the colour sepia I like to use but it looks really good in Colour and Black and White. Which one is your favourite?

Hollywood, Kiss, Black and White, Wedding, Grosvenor Pulford, Cheshire, Wedding

Rebecca’s wedding dress is fantastic, and looks so amazing in images like this. I have loads more to share from this most fun wedding. Enjoy the photographs and don’t be shy of leaving a comement


Hollywood, Kiss, colour, Wedding, Grosvenor Pulford, Cheshire, Wedding

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