The Long Wait! The Groom just before his Bride arrives.

Weddings are amazing things, the are so many little stories within stories. So many emotions so much love, anxiety, fun, excitement, fear probably everything else in the human spectrum. So I thought I’d share one from my first April wedding of 2015 at Oddfellows Boutique Hotel in Chester of Karen and James. This image is just one of James waiting for Karen to appear, and I think the pre service is probably the most nervous time of the day. James awaits as the beautiful Karen waits to walk down the aisle.

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This one photo says so much, James is in a room full of people, of friends and family, of the people closest to him yet he might as well be on the moon he feels so alone. Every minute must feel like a lifetime.

I’ll post more from this lovely wedding in a few days and a slide show also. It was a pleasure to be part of it. I have know Karen for many years which is unusual for me, meeting her at of all places Tattenhall Running Club and it was lovely to record her big day.

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