A Bride in waiting. Lindsey in make-up on the morning of her wedding.

I love the far away look in Lindsey’s eyes  on the morning of her amazing wedding at arguably Cheshire’s finest venue, the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and Spa. She seems to be contemplating her big day, the walk down the aisle the commitment to Adrian in just a very short walk away.Bride, make-up, Wedding, Preparation, Black & White,  Contemplative.


I also think the black and white finish helps the mood of the image, it tells a story where maybe colour would be distracting, B&W is so timeless, I sometimes think there is more black and white imagery about now then when it was the only option! At University my daughter is learning to develop Black and White film the good old fashioned way, by hand in trays. I can still clearly remember the first time a watched a Black and White image appear in the developer bath all those years ago. I may have taken a tremendous amount of photographs in the intervening 30 years but the skills learned developing the film are as relevant for digital images as they where essential back in the day.

The make-up artist in the backgrounds busy selecting the next brush, a crafts person at work.  And the mirror lights all add to the image but for me I just keep going back to the Lindsey’s eyes. A beautiful lady on the morning of her big day, and it was my pleasure to be part of it.

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