The Abbeywood Estate Wedding of Lyn and Louis

Abbeywood Estate is a new venue for me and a wonderful one at that just on the outskirts of Delamere Forest in Cheshire. You could see immediately why Louis and Lyn fell in love of this Cheshire Gardens venue. And what a wonderful wedding they had all at Abbeywood Estate starting with a fabulous service and a finishing with one of the loudest and biggest parties I’ve seen, mind you they have had a lot of competition this year!!

Fun, Drunken, Wedding Photography

This photo caused a stir when I put it on Facebook receiving the most views of any photo up to now. What a better way to start the blog then start at the end!

Bridal Wedding Photography

The stunning Lyn in the morning prior to her wonderful wedding at Abbeywood Estate

Details Wedding Photos

All the little details that make up a fabulous wedding. I really love the colours of choice. Perfect for a Cheshire Garden Wedding.

Pre wedding photos at Abbeywood Estate

Mom and Dad with Lyn in the morning. Proud parents and a beautiful bride.

Bridal wedding photography.

Lyn on the way to the the ceremony, she looks amazing. Look at those flowers! Beautiful.

Wedding Photography in the rain.

This was taken as Lyn walked over to the the service with her girls, it was raining ever so slightly and the white brolly is a lovely frame.

Bride Walking Down the Aisle, Abbeywood Estate

Walking up the aisle at Abbeywood Estate. The girls and Dad look stunning and Louis looks slightly nervous!

Wedding Service at Abbeywood Estate, Cheshire.

This is a lovely part of the service as Dad passes over the most precious thing in his life to the safekeeping of Louis.

Wedding Service at Abbeywood Estate.

The wedding service was wonderful and the a pleasure to be part of.

Wedding detail shots at Abbeywood Estate.

Abbeywood did a wonderful job of preparing the room for the wedding breakfast, it looked wonderful.

Wedding Speeches.

The speeches a highlight of the day.

Wedding guest photos

What a wonderful bunch of guests. It was a very fun wedding.

Wedding guests photos.

Love this page of wedding guests photos.

Men wedding photos at Abbeywood Estate.

It poured down at times – just look at the rain on the window! The guys look brilliant.

Wedding entourage photographs at Abbeywood Estate.

The entourage inside Abbeywood Estate. The girls look stunning in pink.

Wedding Interior Photos at Abbeywood Estate.

The interior of Abbeywood Estate is a great backdrop for the wedding photos.

Bridal Wedding Photographs at Abbeywood Estate.

Let hear it for the girls. The bridesmaids where an amazing group to work with.

Cheshire Garden Wedding Photography,

What an amazing garden! Lyn and Louis chose a brilliant venue.

Abbeywood Estate wedding photography Cheshire

I love this playful couple of photographs, Lyn and Louis are so in love.

Wedding Photography at Abbeywood Estate.

Lyn looks a million dollars, what a stunning bride.

Moody and artistic wedding photography

The weather was a bit well wet but the moody sky was a magnificent background to the wedding photographs. Sometimes poor weather can really add some drama.

Moody wedding photography

Lyn and Louis looking wonderful against a brooding darkening sky.

Wedding photography in Cheshire Gardens.

Abbeywood Estate has amazing gardens, some of the finest in Cheshire.

Wedding Photography at Abbeywood Gardens.

Louis carrying Lyn, a couple so full of love.

Bridal Wedding Photographs. Abbeywood Estate.

I love this image of Lyn and it is probably my favourite of my wonderful bride of the day. The flowers are wonderful.

Wedding Photography at Abbeywood Estate.

Love this one also, Lyn was an amazing bride to work with.

Cheshire Gardens Wedding Photography

Lyn and Louis in the amazing Cheshire Gardens of Abbeywood Estate.

Wedding photography in Cheshire Gardens.

What an amazing garden at Abbeywood.

Wedding Photography at Abbeywood

What an amazing sky and gardens. Beautiful couple.

Wedding Photography at Abbeywood Estate_0038

Wedding guests party photos.

The party is just starting! And what a wonderful wedding party.

Wedding photographs of the girls.

Girls, Girls, Girls!

Singing at a wedding party

This young lady had the voice of an angel. Beautiful singer.

Wedding first dance photos.

The first dance at Lyn and Louis wedding was wonderful. They also had about 250 guests.

Wedding Guests Photographs.

Wedding Photos in the bar.

And at the end the was just one standing!


It was a lovely day and a brilliant wedding to be part of it. Abbeywood was a new venue for me and a brilliant addition to the wedding venues in Chshire.

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