The Beautiful Welsh wedding of Laura and Paul

Laura and Paul had a wonderful wedding at one of the wonders of Wales the stunning St Giles Church in Wrexham. This Church has a long history and I’ll add a few facts about it from that must trust source Wiki!

After a brilliant service it was back to a hotel I haven’t been to for a number of years, the lovely Cross lanes Hotel just outside the capital of North East Wales, Wrexham.

Bridal, Perfume, Photography

Now a bride has to smell just perfect so why not blend your favourite perfumes?

Wedding shoes, Photography

I think wedding shoes must take nearly as much time choosing as the dress. One little but very important part of the day.

Black and White Wedding Photography

The calm before the service, Laura is attended to by her bridesmaids as the youngest one looks on.

St Giles Church, Wedding Photography

Laura’s car approaching the magnificent St Giles Church which dominates the Wrexham skyline. A most stunning church for a beautiful wedding.

Church Wedding Photography

Laura walking down the aisle in this stunning old Church which has witnessed so much. If only the walls could talk!

Wedding Photography in St Giles Church

Laura sneaks a look at Paul in the middle of a wonderful service. For me it is so nice when the minister allows photography.

St Giles Church wedding register signing

I really love this photograph taken from a distance of the register being signed.

Wow what a beautiful bride in a stunning dress, the detail in the dress is amazing. Stunning.

Wow what a beautiful bride in a stunning dress, the detail in the dress is amazing. Stunning.

Church Wedding Photography

After the service we also did a ew of the group shots in the Church as it is such a magnificent backdrop. Here the entourage pose for the camera.

St Giles Wedding Photography

Laura and Paul leaving the grand theatre of St Giles steal a quick kiss. What a stunning couple.

Wedding Flowers Photography

And the beautiful bride as she leaves the Church. She has a wonderful bunch of flowers.

Wedding Photography at St Giles Wrexham,

The exterior of St Giles is every bit as amazing as the interior. What a brilliant backdrop for a wedding.

Into the sun for a nice romantic glow.

Into the sun for a nice romantic glow.

Wedding Photography Cross Lanes Hotel.

Laura and Paul really were a brilliant couple to work with on their big wedding day.

Fairy Tale Wedding Photography

In the stunning gardens at Cross Lanes Hotel, Wrexham. I think this image looks a bit like a fairy tale wedding!

Shack Wedding Photography

I thought this would look really different agains the old shack. Not sure!!

Bridal Wedding Photography

Laura looks every inch the model bride, her dress is really stunning and she looks brilliant.

Wedding Photography

A lovely black and white study of Laura in her wedding dress looking amazing. The lace detail in the dress is so intricate and it has been captured beautifully by my trusted camera. Cross Lanes Hotel has a lovely interior.

Paul and Laura looking like a pair of movie stars inside the magnificent Cross Lanes Hotel in Wrexham.

Paul and Laura looking like a pair of movie stars inside the magnificent Cross Lanes Hotel in Wrexham.

Wedding Dress Photography, Cross Lanes Hotel

Laura showing off the back of her amazing dress. I wonder how many wedding dresses she must of tried on before falling in love with this one.

Wedding Photography, Cross Lanes Hotel, Wrexham

Laura in the corridor of the Cross Lanes Hotel amongst the wood paneling.

Black and White Wedding Photography.

I really love this shot, and in black and white I think it looks so romantic. A wonderful wedding.

Wedding Photography at Cross Lanes Hotel, Wrexham, North Wales.

Laura and Paul, I had such a brilliant time working with you both and I can’t wait to produce a stunning wedding album for you.

Hen night wedding photography

Let hear it for the girls – a big group shot of all the hens. It was a very fun photo to set up and I think looks really good. It not easy posing that many people particularly after they have had a sniff of champagne!!

I did have a wonderful time at Laura and Pauls magnificent North Wales Wedding. And before I go here is the bit of history about the Church I promised.

The richly-decorated tower, 135-feet high, with its four striking hexagonal turrets, was begun in 1506. It is graced by many medieval carvings including those of an arrow and a deer, the attributes of Saint Giles. The interior of the church also contains many late medieval carvings and monuments.[1] The lyrics of the Evangelical hymn “From Greenland’s Icy Mountains”, written by Reginald Heber, are etched on a window. The hymn was first performed at the Church in 1819.

The grave of Elihu Yale.

Just west of the tower is the grave of Elihu Yale, after whom Yale University in the USA is named, with its long, fanciful epitaph containing the following lines:

Born in America, in Europe bred,
In Africa travell’d, and in Asia wed,
Where long he lov’d and thriv’d;
At London dead.

The churchyard is entered through wrought-iron gates, completed in 1719 by the Davies Brothers of nearby Bersham. They who were also responsible for the gates of Chirk Castle, perhaps the finest example of wrought-iron work in Britain,[citation needed] and the gates at Sandringham House, one of the British monarch’s residences, and at Leeswood Hall, near Mold in Flintshire.

While usually there are regular tours up the tower, these are suspended during 2011 due to planned building works. placed a webcam pointed at St Giles in 2012 giving a live view of the church.

June 2012 saw a beacon being lit on top of St Giles as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.


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