Just one from a stunning North Wales Wedding

I really love this wedding photograph taken in North Wales at the beautiful Christ Church in Mostyn. It was taken on a very cold January morning with frost still on the path just as the bride and groom are leaving the gates of the church. The lens used was an ultra wide fish eye and shows the characteristic distortion of such a wide lens.

It is not a lens really recommended for wedding photography and needs to be used sparingly but can produce really unique images. It always on me at a wedding!Church, Wedding, North Wales, Photography, Artistic, Painting,


I think it looks like a painting with the stunning winters sky and the golden sunshine trying to break through even the grave stones look perfect!

I wonder if the wonderful Eric and Osian will hang it on the wall? Problem for them is they have a few to choose from. It such a pleasure delivering the images on the wedding day that they will treasure and their kids kids will admire.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog.


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