The Wirral and Chester Wedding of Kerry and Mark

Enthusiasm is a wonderful thing and Kerry and Mark had it in bucket loads for their wonderful wedding at Christ Church Willaston with a beautiful reception at the Best Western Queen Hotel in Chester.

I’d never been to  Christ Church in Willaston and must say it was a delightful Church in a beautiful wirral village. After the wonderful service we stopped at Grosvenor Park for a few Photos before heading back to the brilliant Queen Hotel right in the middle of Chester. It really is a grand venue with gold and guit everywhere and a courtyard garden. The Queen Hotel is a lovely venue for a wedding.

Black and White, Wedding Photography, Chester

Kerry arriving at the lovely Christ Church in Willaston, the black and white finish of this image I think really compliments. Sometimes black and white just portrays something a bit different.

Wedding, Wirral, Willaston, Christchurch

I was relegated to the back of Willaston Church for the photos, I often find this a shame but can understand that some photographers have maybe been a pain in places the sun never shines during the service.

Wedding Christ Church Wirral, Willaston, Photography

How cute is this doorway? A lovely spot to stop and take in the beautiful wedding service before going out into the world as one.

Wedding Photography, Confetti, Willaston, Wirral

The was no lack of enthusiasm with the guests and confetti either, It makes my job so much easier when lots of people have confetti. I really should start selling it out the back of my car!

Wedding Photography, Wirral, Willaston

I somehow think Kerry and Mark will be picking confetti out of there clothes for a while!

Chester Wedding Photography

After the beautiful service we headed back to Chester Grosvenor Park to take some photos with the entourage. It is very unusual to get the opportunity to take photos in Chester and a great treat. Kerry and Mark look amazing.

Ruin, Wedding Photography, Chester

This is the full entourage looking brilliant and relaxed in the Chester sun, we haven’t had too much this year so it was nice to get out and play in it! This lovely wedding image is finished in colour sepia which I really like with the old materials.

Direct Sun, Wedding Photography, Chester

This was quite a complex wedding photograph to light shooting straight into the sun and trying to produce a bit but not too much flare. The sun makes for some wonderful photographs but needs to be treated with a lot of respect. I love this shot of Kerry, a stunning bride.

Wedding Photography, Chester, Cheshire

This is taken in Grosvenor Park in the centre of Chester, the bare trees are a sign of the still early season and cold weather we have had. Kerry and Mark were married in April. The blue sky is a lovely azure backdrop.

Wedding Photography at Grosvenor Park, Chester

Kerry had a magnificent dress with really fine amazing detail, she looks every bit the princess on her big day.

Grosvenor Park Chester, Wedding Photography

Back to shooting into the sun, tricky conditions but well worth the effort to get an image like this.

Wedding Photography Grosvenor Park

Grosvenor Park is a brilliant backdrop for photos and on a Friday afternoon not too busy! Kerry and Mark walking hand in hand across the park.

Grosvenor Park Wedding Photography

And a sneaky wedding day kiss. Grosvenor Park provides the background Kerry and Mark the romance.

Wedding Photography at Grosvenor Park

I think this is one of my favourite wedding images from Kerry and Marks Wedding, they look wonderful and the two ruined arches make a beautiful frame for the photo.

Queen Bridge Wedding Photography

An iconic Chester site – the Queen Bridge at the Groves. It is a wonderful bridge and a great viewpoint along the River Dee. Mark and Kerry add a bit of wedding day glitz and glamour.

Wedding Speeches, Queen Hotel, Chester

The speeches! Two Best-men and better than one!! The interior of the Queen Hotel is very grand indeed and a lovely backdrop to the speeches.

Queen, Night Wedding Photography

The Roman theme continues in the Queen Hotel’s Garden with some night photography.

Night Time Wedding Photography, Queen Hotel, Chester

The gardens are geat at night and give an extra dimension to the wedding photography. I always like adding a few evening shots for variety but it makes it a long day and you hope on the couple enthusiasm for photographs in the evening.

Kings Garden Wedding Photography, Chester

This is the second garden at the Queen Hotel, the Kings! Kerry and Mark look the model couple.

Interior Wedding Photography

More Roman themes at the Queen!

Wedding Bouquet, Queen Hotel, Chester

I don’t often see a bride throw a bouquet of wonderful flowers and it great to get the opportunity of getting a photograph of it. I love this shot it just makes me smile.

Wedding Photography, Chester

The first dance. A beautiful study of a couple in love. Kerry’s dress is amazing,she had two to choose from on the day!!

And the party starts ;-) The end of the day for me but the really start of the fun for everyone else.

And the party starts 😉 The end of the day for me but the really start of the fun for everyone else.

Thank you Mark and Kerry for employing me to record your big day, it was a pleasure and a privilege to be part of it.


























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