Craig and Helen’s Poole Wedding, just one photo.

This wedding was very dirrerent for me – I was a guest! I left the Nikon D4 at home and just took the little Nikon V1 to grab a few images. I have known Craig for over 10 years and it was such a beautiful day watching him get married to the beautiful Helen. During the day I kept out of the way of the official photographer and just enjoyed the service and the reception. Craig did however ask if I would take a few photos later after the food. Of course I said yes and we took a little walk from the Custom House in Poole along the quay side, it wasn’t easy working with V1 as it is not the best in low light  and I only had a tiny on camera flash gun, but as they say a poor workman always blames his tools…. I was basically using a compact with a nice lens! I’ll add the rest of the pictures later in the week but here is one for now.

The little Nikon V1 has produced a very nice image indeed and I really love the urban background. We only spend about 15 minutes taking a few images and hopefully Craig and Helen will  have a bit of variety to add to the professionals images from the service. I really loved being a guest at a wedding, it is rather different from being a worker! Poole was also a beautiful place to visit and we have promised to go down for a week or so to have a real good look around and enjoy the company of friends both old and new.

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