Craig and Helen’s Beautiful Wedding

A wedding with a big difference for me, I was a guest to an old friends wedding in Poole Dorset a long way from my Cheshire stomping ground! It was really lovely being a guest at a old friends wedding and I left all the camera gear at home apart from my trusty mini camera the Nikon 1 V1. I purchased this camera for holidays and the like and never thought that I’d end up taking some wedding photographs with it. I imaging the entire Nikon V1 kit is lighter than just a lens on the Nikon D4!

Craig and Helen where married at the really stunning register’s office in Poole. It was a really impressive building with I imagine a tremendous history. The registrar said it was rumoured to be the most haunted house in Poole!

After a beautiful service we took the short walk down to the Custom House for a lovely reception overlooking Poole Quay and the rather fine looking Sunseeker Yachts which are built in the harbour.  I think a lottery winners cheque would be required to purchased the boats and they have appeared in films like James Bond before.

I had a great time taking a few photos after the professional had left for the day and it was fun if a little strange working with a camera which was way out of it’s comfort zone in the evening dark. Still I’m pleased with the photographs and I hope Helen and Craig may find one they want to put on the wall!


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